Beautiful Rental Homes in Stevenson High School District 125

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Rental Units within Stevenson High School District 125 Provide a “Home Away From Home” while Searching for Your Perfect House.

Are you relocating to Buffalo Grove and looking to purchase a home within Stevenson High School District 125 (Stevenson High School students reside in portions of Vernon Hills, Riverwoods, Lincolnshire, Buffalo Grove and Long Grove)?  Consider renting a townhome, condo or home in the district while you search for your perfect house.

Relocating to a new town is tough enough, but having to change schools can be torture on a high school student.  Don’t give up your dream to have your children attend Stevenson High School or settle for a house that is less than perfect because you are still looking for your dream house.  There are plenty of beautiful rentals available in the Stevenson High School area that will allow you to settle your kids into school, keep searching for your house and avoid having to move your children again next fall. 

Even if you thought you have exhausted all of the current rental properties on the market, I will go the extra step in finding you a comfortable place that will make you feel like its the right place for you and your family.  Knowing the area, the market, and most of the realtors in town, I can find you a rental even if it’s not currently advertised to the public.  I want my rental clients to feel that they have made the right choice and I’m willing to put in the extra time to make that happen.  Currently, I have a furnished condo in the award winning Lincolnshire district 103 and a 4 bedroom home .     

In addition to finding you the perfect rental, I will make verify that your landlord is currently in a good financial position.  I will  negotiate your lease and make sure your interests are protected.  

If you want more information regarding specific real estate sales in the Buffalo Grove, Long Grove, and Lincolnshire area, please do not hesitate to call me at 847-602-5435 or email me at 

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