Prairie View

Prairie View is an unincorporated community surrounded by Vernon Hills, Lincolnshire and Buffalo Grove

The northern section, which contains the Prairie View Metra station, is near Stevenson High School and is bordered by Vernon Hills to the north, Lincolnshire to the east and Buffalo Grove to the south and west. This section receives its water, sewer, and fire emergency service from Lincolnshire; all other services are provided by Vernon Township and Lake County. A modern subdivision (consisting of about 50 homes) located in this section was built during the 1990s on what had previously been farmland and is called Krisview Acres. The original homes in the area (approximately 28), located exclusively on Easton Avenue and Main Street, were built piecemeal between the late 19th century and early 1980s.

The other section is a short distance south and is completely surrounded by Buffalo Grove. This subdivision is called Horatio Gardens and is close to the Buffalo Grove train station. The residents of this subdivision resisted being overtaken by Buffalo Grove Park District and currently still defend their rights to be an independent part of unincorporated Prairie View.

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